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  • Yaki mano begireh ke behoosh shoodam lool

  • i dont understand this language AT ALL lol

  • Doci do u want some water ? H aha as far as I understand those words I think he is diying for u lol

  • Lol no comment

  • Loool water doesn't affect on me right now saram gij mezaneh

  • Dr. do you need advice and how to improve your flirting skills

  • What do mean no comment help him :d

  • i can't help him ;P

  • I'm nt flirting I'm serious loool they u go she's already killed me by this ...... I can't help him

  • If saara was here then she would say if i didnt had bf or i wasnt in love then I would definitely turn into a lesbian for her lol

  • dr. jan would you go out with her if you had a chance?

  • I think he's dead lol

  • I think he's dead lol

  • hahahaahah thats what i thought

  • Lol

  • loooooool Mrrrrr and Marjan16

  • you know my nature digeh Marjan lol

  • marjan how r you thank you for adding me

  • Vayyy...Aghe az khodesh begham megham che nazeh..:d Aghe az cheshash begham megham che sabzeh Aghe az qadesh begham megham che bolandeh Aghe az labash begham pared merizeh ..... hahahaha Marjan u just want me to take her out ..Omg... I'll take her wherever she wants ...haha

  • hahahaahah im making your work easier dr.

  • Haha lotf mekooni Marjan :D

  • looool :D

  • doc i thought know what im trying to say lol

  • Haha no no u were wrong loool


  • Lool

  • hahahhah no comment

  • There is love story going on u can't just say no comment u should say something :D

  • love story hahahah what should i say? help me

  • Lool if I help u to say something its not acceptable for Ur lover first step should be from u than I can help u if u'll need e

  • when it comes to love I fail

  • I have no idea .. We are just jooking lol

  • i know that dont worry

  • :D. Great

  • ayyyyyyyyyyyyy divooneh Mrrr luw nadeh deghe bache :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • .................??????

  • i'm in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

  • seriously congrats dude

  • thankooooooooooooo :DD

  • your most welcome but with who?

  • with the ladyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

  • you mean alina lol

  • Lol gd question zabri let's see how strong he is can he say yeas or no

  • Doc just express your feelings, its online, I can’t kill you lol

  • Lol doctor bachem this is the second your falling in love in afghanmania

  • ohh this is his second time falling in love what happened to the first one?

  • yeah tell us about his first love

  • There was a girl called tamana he falled in love with her but I don't know what happened they divorced eachother lol

  • so sadddd lol

  • Mooow where da hell u've bn And y u given out information about new :d

  • thanks for the info about his past lol

  • وای تودیگه کی هستی؟؟؟

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