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love Mozhda

love Mozhda
love Mozhda

  • WoW Beautifull is this u?????

  • R u Mozhdah Jamalzadah?

  • No. I am not Mozhdah Jamalzadah, just love her. cause she is very beautiful

  • I thought so tht Ur not Mozhdah cus she lives in "B.C Vancouver",I LOVE HER SONGS!:D

  • i love her every thing lolz

  • she looks lik a slut no jks ... and omg her voice is so shit hehe man to be honest for an afghan this is too much there shld be a limit for everything i mean wtf is this srsly wat the fk full showing her fat stomach ..

  • She doesn't know what to wear lol

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