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Pashtun Soldier

Pashtun Soldier
Pashtun Soldier

  • this pple needs Educationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • No they dunt need they are very well educated people All they want is PEACE in Afghanistan They are Hero of Afghanistan, May God Bless Them !

  • omg they are scarry and doc jan i think they need to relax a bit and get on with their own life...

  • SALAM......Aafg ai gapa ke gufti yani chi ain 2rust ke afghanha mardume shija astan vali aina 1 bazandaie buzurg astan chera ke ainha alaie dast bazanda ha qarar gereftan ai gapeta qabul darum ka ma ba sulh niyaz darim vali sulh ba salah ba dast gereftan ba dast na miyaya kasi qar nasha manzur badi nadarum nazar ma guftum

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