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Pashtunistan avatar
Pashtunistan avatar

  • death 2 dirty and stupid nasty taliban and al qaeda and f***k u and ur sisters taliban

  • looooooooooooool

  • man u guys make me cry srsly that machine gun he is holding y on earth would u use that on a hunman wat r u? an animal ? srsly humans understand betta with a nice word not wen u shot them or anything fken hell srsly u guys need to get a life this is being sad ...its probz fun killing some1 bt srsly if u guys think deeply god hates u guys the mosttt and u guys think that U,z gnna go to heaven...u wishhh in ur monkey dreams ...fken hell ... srsly whoever this guys r they need to think use ur head and and try to study human brain it dznt work the way u guys trying to make it work ....the reality is that u guys jst wanna play games bcoz u guys find this fun not bcoz u guys wanna help afg and their ppl ok... fk THINKKKKKKKKKKK go to GOOGLE search and learn how to make a human follow ur steps bcoz holding a fken machine gun dznt work bt to scare them and make them worse ...+ they r much bettta ppl than u guys that is holding a gun and is proud of themselfs trust me u guys r 1st in the line of hell wen u die ... god wont even ask u guys questions thy will chuck u in the fire without knwing wtf u hav to say coz u guys r fked u knw ur doing bad bt still u jst hav to keep doing it continuesly .... imagin sm1 ells doing the same thing on ur family ....fken lossersws thats wen u will understand how it feels ... christiants are much betta than u lil assholes holding a gun and not being ashamed .. bisharmen khar past lawda khuda natarssaa.. + u guys r the main ppl that rape gurls and shit and u guys think god is with u trust me jst by holding a gun u hav made the biggest sin on earth.. fken dogs animals actully animals r not even lik u guys they are cute and nice u guys r worse u guys are not compared with anything u guys are shaithan

  • and he full has afg mania u guys shldnt be allowed to hav a acount lik this its gonahhh ... and y da fk would u name urself pashtunistan... pashtuns are the nicest ppl on earth i hav frnds who r pashtun they r so nice and hav such a decent family ...dnt make pashtuns name bad here

  • خواب ببینی برادر

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