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  • what armzize you´ve got? Have 35 and want to get 40 at least...doin trizeps is the recept!

  • this was about 2 months ago b4 I really stared hitting triceps..I am currently 45.72 on arms since I really stated hitting triceps... this pic was at around 43.18

  • yup =) Tricep is key...mix yur workouts every week

  • lookinggggggggggggg gooooooooddddddddddddddd :)

  • Hey, Thanx for excepting me as a friend.

  • eh thanks guys np faryad

  • ahahahahhahahaha nice photoshopping :P

  • sweety you could have asked me to mak it look less obvious ;) hehee

  • no no ...that's not shopping...that's called protein and gym every night :P I curl like 70-75kg :P

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